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Experience the Beat with DJ RobDog


If you have a party, wedding, celebration or any other event that you need a DJ for, then do not hesitate to contact me on the contact info listed below. If you have any enquiries regarding pricing etc then drop me a text and I will get back to you as soon as I can. In the meantime, check out my Instagram and SoundCloud as I post bits of my work there - whilst you’re there, drop me a follow, much appreciated.

Thanks for submitting!

If you wish to book me for your event, please fill out this form as all bookings must go through this process.

Important information : 

  • All bookings must be made at least 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the event.

  • Pricing starts at £199 per event (subject to change depending on the occasion.)

  • Once the price has been agreed, you have 10 days to pay a deposit of 25% to confirm the booking.

  • I am based in Buckinghamshire so do note that prices may differ if you are further to travel to.

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