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Events I have done:

Past Experience

These are not all of the events that I have done, these are just the most memorable to me.

24th June 2020:

Mini concert at my school

For this event, I was told that I only had 20 minutes to do my set so I had to put all of my best transitions and mixes into one short set. In the end, I had about 10 people come up to me and comment on my skills.

12th February 2021:

Going away party for a friend.

For this event, I had about 3 hours to DJ for, so I could stretch out the set quite a bit. Prior to the party, I had put about 5 hours into about 5 transitions that I knew worked well together and only used it when people were nearby, listening and dancing.

27th June 2022 :

School sports event.

At this particular sports event, it lasted from 9 am - 4 pm so I knew that I had about 7 hours of DJ'ing to do that day. To be honest, for about 5 hours of the set, I had no idea what song / transition I would do next however, I had previously practiced a mix for when there were people by me that lasted about 3 - 5 songs, I had about 3 of those prepared.

24th November 2022:

School Winter Concert.

26th June 2023

Concert for my local village anual festival.

At this event, I was DJ'ing for the Christmas Concert that happned at my school. I was told that I had to DJ as the guests were arriving (so about 30 minutes.) For this set, I had rehearsed a really cool mix, however, the host told me to play some more chilled out festive music.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to play a short 1 hour mix set as the guests were leaving, however, I had about 25 poeple stay and listen to my mixes. This was my first proper festival that  had got invited to so I knew that I had to make a good one with hopes that I might get invited back again next year. I had put about 10 hours into preparing for this set and all of my transitions had to be on point and they were.

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